About Us

Supplies TIME Trading Co., (Time) is an emerging company that aim to target the most diversified industries within KSA with a vision to support their necessities by providing engineering solutions & the latest innovative technologies from the world reputable manufacturers. We aim to be the professional supply chain company that can provide Quality products within strict timelines while maintaining maximum customer satisfaction & commitment to continuously improve the quality of services and remaining competitive.


TIME intends to be dynamically involved in versatile trading supplying all major equipment and technologies to our customers like Electrical Motors with versatile ratings, Valves with type, temperature and pressure rating of the clients choice, Pumps made for any type of corrosive chemicals with construction varying from PP to PTFE,  Processing Aids for Plastic manufacturers for various temperature and material ratings, Sealants, Adhesives, Lubricants and Epoxies of various ratings and materials for Thread Locking, Gasketing and Sealing purposes, Stainless Steel Tubing, Pipes, Fittings, Expansion joints, couplings and Flanges of Multiple Ratings and Size, Instrumentation for Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Viscosity of liquids, process control equipment and gases to match the conditions of the region, Meters to gauge gas leak, damages to pipeline of variable ratings, Pipeline Cleaning Additives for any application, Turbines and service parts of variable sizes and applications, Coatings whether FRP for corrosive chemicals or for pipeline barrier fluids, Power Systems for all sorts of applications, Heat Exchangers and accessories and oilfield tools and products.

In line with TIME’s Objective we intend to have a market presence as registered supplier to several potential clients in Key Market Sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemical &Petrochemical, Mining, Power generation, Transportation, Marine, Food Industry, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Aerospace, Military, Renewable Energy and many other commercial industries. By adhering to our mission, vision and values we are confident that we will be able to maintain our reputation with our clients.

ambitions are to consolidate its position not only as a supply chain firm, but also as a technological solution provider with total commitment to the provision of high quality products and services to our clients, achieving 2030 Kingdom vision and continually seek ways of improving our high standards. TIME derives its competitive gains from its self-motivated highly flexible workforce having hands on experience in development, planning, sales & operations while meeting the high HSE and Quality standards implemented within the company.

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