Reinvented for Mutual Success

TIME is committed to bringing quality and cutting edge technologies to serve our clients and as such we made sure to partner up with the world’s best manufacturers.

Our Partners Are


Permabond Engineering Adhesives LLC

Permabond’s history of developing and manufacturing engineering adhesives spans five decades and three continents. Today, Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd (Europe & Asia) and Permabond LLC (Americas) provide technological solutions to engineers all over the world, with offices and facilities in America, Asia, and Europe, backed by a high-tech ISO 9001 certified production plant in Europe.

Slide Products Inc.

Slide Products was founded in 1953 by Percy Harms, a steel salesman calling on tooling companies during the infancy of the injection molding industry. Eager to find a solution that would prevent plastic parts from sticking in molds and negatively impacting his customers’ productivity, Percy had an idea – what about putting silicone oil in an aerosol can? His solution worked, resulting in the first ever Slide mold release as well as the founding of the Percy Harms aerosol company. Soon, Percy was selling his line of aerosols on the side while maintaining his steel sales job. Within a decade, it was time to devote his energies to his new aerosol company full time, and add his two sons, Jim and Hank, along with chemist Jan van der Graaf to his team.

Savino Barbera srl

Savino Barbera also offers its technological know-how and its dedicated technical support, guaranteeing the right solutions for all industrial pumping needs: continuous research regarding the manufacturing process and constant attention to the customer's problems result in high qualitative standards in terms of reducing environmental impact and optimizing performance.
Updated assisted design, a cutting edge test bench for final hydraulic-electrical testing, post-sales consulting, replacement parts and repairs complete the activities offered.

Magnom Corporation

Magnom™ is a British engineering design company, based at Warwick Technology Park, which offers a solution to the cause of the majority of catastrophic failures in fluid systems by filtering out ferrous particles. These particles are the most dangerous contaminant in fluid systems, yet the failure of conventional filtration to remove them is not highlighted by traditional measuring techniques, which focus on the size of a particle and not the threat it presents to a system. While they are often microscopic and small enough to escape notice in standard filtration testing, ferrous particles are the hidden assassins of fluid systems.

Sai Udyog

Sai Udyog began in the year 1998. Our manufacturing unit is approved by ISO 9001-2015. Our highly skilled designing and engineering team can provide customized solutions suitable for extreme environmental conditions. We believe in quick response to the clients’ needs and adapt to their changing requirements. Our products ensure high reliability, competitive pricing, on time delivery and quality. Provides key emphasis on after sales service lies at the core of our values.

Servitech France

Servitech is a global provider of high-quality solutions for metalworking applications. We supply products to meet the highest quality standards and the newest innovations in metalworking technology. Our focus lies on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the process chain.

Katronic Technologies Ltd.

Katronic's excellent reputation has been built on offering accurate and intuitive clamp-on flow meters supported by market-leading customer service and technical support.

Katronic was established in the UK in 1996 as a distributor of process measurement instrumentation with a focus on ultrasonic technologies. Since then the company has evolved into being a highly-regarded manufacturer of its own brand of clamp-on flowmeters and works tirelessly to maintain an excellent reputation for quality products and market-leading customer service.

Kp-Lok Houston Inc.

Kp-Lok , Inc. manufactures ball valves and specialty valves for both sanitary and industrial applications from our plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania. Kp-Lok combines specific application requirements with creative engineering and quality manufacturing practices.

KP-Lok has been dedicated to providing standard engineered and fabricated products including tubing valves and fittings to meet the quickly increasing demands of the industry today.

Pirobloc S.A.

Pirobloc S.A. in order to manufacture high-quality thermal fluid boilers since 1977. They are in the international market and acquired broad experience in virtually all existing industrial applications.

Pirobloc operates on 5 continents and is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of thermal oil boilers, as well as of all those activities necessary to put into operation reliable, efficient and safe industrial heating systems.

Sud Robinetterie Industrie (SRi)

SRi broadened its product line of isolation valves by purchasing VANNES RIGAU in 2005. SRi now has a full line of isolation valves: gate, globe, check and ball. Over 80% of SRi’s sales are now exported to markets outside of France primarily to companies in Europe, Africa and Asia. SRi is a qualified supplier for worldwide and national companies including end-users and EPC contractors. The high demand for SRi’s quality valves both custom designed and standard has caused SRi to increase its capacity by building a new facility in its headquarters city of Marseille, France.

Tri-Flow® Lubricants

Tri-Flow products Get You Movin’ with triple action cleaning, protecting and lubricating to maximize the performance of your bike.

Our lubricants greases and degreasers combine advanced ingredients with ideal application methods to combat your enemies on the road, trail or track – moisture, corrosion and metal-to-metal friction – and protect, lubricate & clean your bike for optimum performance.


we are in led to the development of innovative programs like the Sprayon® 5S System which integrates all of our products with a unique identification system to help any facility implement and sustain 5S Visual Management in the use of our chemicals and lubricants. Most recently, we’ve applied our industrial expertise to develop a NSF® H1 High-Performance Food Grade Lubricant Program to specifically address the needs of today’s very broad and demanding food processing industry.

A part of the Sherwin-Williams® Company, our vast technical resources mean that we’ll continue to develop the highest-performing, compliant solutions for your ever-evolving environment while continuing to provide you with the service that you’ve come to expect from Sprayon.

Krylon® Industrial

Krylon® Industrial is a leader of both high performance liquid coatings and durable aerosol paints. Designed for environments ranging from utility locating, to property maintenance, to the harshest industrial facility, our comprehensive line of innovative products and services provides the performance and peace of mind you need. Whatever the application, Krylon® Industrial has proven solutions that will make your job easier and your operations safe and efficient. Our reputation depends on it.

Todd Technologies Inc.

TTI is a customer-focused organization that designs, manufactures and delivers technology-driven products to improve our customers’ processes. Our team focuses on delivering products that impact your bottom line while respecting the environment, our neighbors and employees. Several members of the TTI team have over 30 years of experience in the filtration industry. TTI’s team has delivered world-class Breather, Filtration, and Elastomeric products to customers around the Globe in the following industries: Energy, Food & Beverage, Hydraulics, Pharmaceutical and General Industrial.

J. Helmke & Co.

HELMKE is an owner managed company in the third generation. Since its foundation in 1922 by Johann Helmke (picture) the name HELMKE stands for electrical drives of highest quality.

Long-term experience, innovative spirit and a specific understanding for the requirements of different industries are the core of our company. At present HELMKE drives are in operation all over the world.

Durlon Sealing Solutions

The Durlon brand represents global leadership in sealing solutions with proven reliability, innovative processes and sustainable integrity in a wide range of demanding applications. We assure high-quality, environmentally-friendly sealing products from our CNA and PTFE sheets & gaskets to our flexible, metallic and high temperature materials.

Our innovative solutions have become critical components in a wide range of global industries – oil & gas, chemical processing and power generation to name just a few. We offer the best solutions for all your sealing challenges!

Penta S.r.l.

Penta is a ball valves manufacturer, specializing in the production of metal seat ball valves for critical operating conditions such as: high temperatures (up to +700°C), low temperatures (down to -196°C), abrasive services, dangerous services For 40 years, we have cooperated with our customers to identify the most suitable construction for the real operating conditions, offering unique technological solutions and high technical skills.

The company, which is privately run, aims at the constant innovation in the sector of ball valves manufacturer, thanks to a young and skillful staff and continuous research activities, designed to extend the life of the products and to identify new technical solutions.

Flo-Tite Inc.

Flo-Tite Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality ball valves and actuation equipment. Our products range from standard commercial type Ball Valves to high-pressure metal seated Control Valves. We maintain an inventory of standard valves in Carbon, Stainless, Steel and Alloy 20.

All Valves are manufactured in strict adherence to internationally recognized standards and specifications, including ANSI/ASME/ISO/NACE and API. In addition to our standard products, we welcome the opportunity to design special Ball Valves and Castings for OEM requirements.

D-KTC Fluid Control

D-KTC Fluid Control markets a complete range of products for steam and process fluids control in oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, as well as in the energy production.

D-ktc fluid control is one of the very few companies worldwide who actually offers a complete range of mechanical filters and steam equipment.

MATEC Machinery Technology

MATEC specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants. We work for many different industries, the most important are: mining, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramics and glass. Our mission is the customer’s satisfaction. That is why we offer timely after-sale service, as well as before-sale advice to understand the real requirements of our potential customers.

We have installed over 250 purification plants all across the world in the last two years: this is the real guarantee of our production and service quality. We develop ourselves all-inclusive purification and filtration plants. It does not matter the size of your business, our range of machines covers every kind of needs. We can guarantee the best solution for any case, thanks to a particle-size analysis of sludge and wastewater. Well in advance, MATEC is able to find out and accurately outline all the specifications needed to supply a perfectly-sized plant. Our internal test laboratory works in conjunction with the best private and public research and test facilities.

Accolade Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Accolade Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is active in the field of equipment for the cement, fertilizer, petroleum, refinery and steel industry. The company was established in the year 1997 in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

Accolade Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the specialists in the field of fabrication technology having an excellent track record in various process industries with equipment installed in India as well as overseas. The registered office and the factory employ qualified professionals & skilled workers.

Luneta, LLC

Luneta, LLC is reimaging machine inspection technology by listening to the needs of maintenance and reliability professionals and developing simple, innovative and quality products that improve plant reliability and efficiency.

Taking its name directly from the Spanish noun, Luneta is providing a small window into machines through its products. It is this window, or luneta, that gives the customer the ability to see inside the machine to make proactive maintenance decisions.


30 years ago, in 1985, a journey began in a small setup in Hadapsar, Pune-India Pennant came into existence as a home-grown unit to meet the manufacturing industry’s need for steam related products. We began with thermodynamic steam traps, and very soon, the demand from the market and a desire to innovate led us to develop the complete range of steam traps and specialty products.

Steam Products:
This covers the entire spectrum of steam line products that fulfil every possible requirement of customers. Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, piston valve, control valve, angle seat valve, plug valve, ball valve, steam traps and pipeline accessories, strainers, separators are some of the highly reliable products that industries have come to depend upon.

Alcatraz Interlocks B.V.

We are Alcatraz Interlocks B.V., a 100% Dutch company (daughter of Indutrade Benelux BV). We are specialists in valve safety products, specialized in the design and manufacturing of mechanical interlocks and machine guarding systems. We are flexible, innovative and creative. We like to be challenged to develop and implement the solution that fits our clients’ needs and requirements. Located in the very centre part of Brabant, the Netherlands.

With up to 30 years of experience in the industry and your worldwide supplier of high quality full 100% AISI 316 stainless steel mechanical interlocks. We have multiple years of experience in supplying clients all over the world, successfully executing small or large projects (thousands of interlocks) worldwide. We deliver on time and execute the orders in accordance with our client’s wishes. We are committed to be competitively priced and remain committed to all our clients, maintaining their confidence in our abilities. By staying true to the high quality service that we provide and the trust we have gained over the years.

LBH International A/S

LBH International A/S provides fabric, elastomere and metal expansion joints in all shapes and sizes, according to customer and end user demands and requests.

Our expansion joints are in service all over the world – somewhere on a power plant, a cement plant or an oil rig our red and white logo is peering out. And for us to be a success we want this to be synonymous with a service-oriented, quality and on time partner that assures products and services of the highest level.

Rasaii Flow Lines Private Ltd.

Rasaii Flow Lines Private Ltd., is known to be among st the prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Sleeved Plug Valve, Lined Plug Valve, Lined Ball Valve, Lined Check Valve, Lined Inspection Sight Glass, V-Notch Control Ball Valve, Wedge Plug Valve. Used for critical applications including but not limited to HCL, wet chlorine, mixed acid and sulphuric acid.

The 7+1 stage, Double Block and Bleed – 5th generation wedge type plug valves are well suited to handle slurry, sludge and scales deposited inside the valve portion.